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Jeff Jones
Jeff JonesFlorida State Licensed Home Inspector - LIC #3861

Hi, my name is Jeffrey Jones and I am a Florida State Licensed Home Inspector as well as Owner of Liberty Inspections, Inc.. I have been conducting various real estate inspections since 2003.

My Florida Home Inspector License number is #3861. My license is in good standing and its status can be verified with the Florida Department of Professional Regulation. I carry Errors & Omission Insurance, which is in addition to the state required General Liability coverage.


I am a professionally trained Inspector having attended approximately 200 hours of in-class training from several state certified and nationally recognized schools. Additionally, I have taken countless on-line training courses to satisfy state continued educational requirements. I have several years experience as a Home Inspection Instructor as well. My education and experience exceeds that required by the Florida Department of Professional Regulations. I also have extensive experience & training when dealing with various environmental factors such as air quality, mold, water quality etc. Although I am not an active sales agent, I do maintain a Real Estate Sales Associate License with the State of Florida.


Liberty Inspections is a family run business that specializes in evaluating the condition of residential and commercial properties for the sole purpose of informing Buyers about the condition of the property they are interested in purchasing or insuring.  We Inspect each property in accordance with Nationally recognized standards & practices and provide reports that are produced using state of the art software, which allows us to include digital photographs.  Our reports are detailed in nature and provide specific recommendations regarding suggested repairs.  Our reports are forwarded via email in PDF format usually within 2 business days of the inspection.  Customarily, our inspection reports are emailed within 24 hours following the completion of the inspection.

Single Family Residence

We specialize in the evaluation of single family dwellings, which include single family homes of any size, condominiums, town homes, and mobile homes.  Our inspections include a visual non-evasive evaluation of all readily available components of the structure.  This ground up approach approach includes an evaluation of the following components and systems:

  • Foundation & Structure
  • Electrical Systems
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
  • Plumbing to include any Water Heating systems
  • Kitchen & Bathrooms to include all of the appliances and components or fixtures
  • Interior components to include doors, windows, flooring etc.
  • Roof & Attic
  • Pools & Spas
  • Detached Garages
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Insurance Inspections

All insurance inspection reports are in compliance with Citizens Insurance requirements.  All reports are computer generated, include appropriate photographs and are emailed to you in PDF format so that the information can be forwarded to your insurance agent.

4 Point Inspections

On single family residences over 30 years old, most insurance underwriters request a property condition report, otherwise known as a 4pt Inspection. This is a short two page report outlinging the age and general condition of the roof, electric, plumbing and heating system.

Roof Certification

On homes that are 25 years or older that do not show a roof permit on public record, the insurance underwriter often require a roof certification to be completed to document the type of roofing material, general condition and estimated remaining life.

Wind Mitigation

A wind mitigation inspection is required for an insurance agent and underwriter to determine whether or not the home qualifies for wind mitigation premium discounts. The wind mitigation form we complete is the Citizen’s Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection form OIR-B1-1802 – (rev.-01/12).
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Commercial Property

We are experienced in handling commercial propertied of all sizes.  Inspections included in this category are multi family residences or industrial properties such as strip malls, warehouses, churches and office buildings.  These type inspections are conducted on a case by case basis and often require a team of specialized personnel to be brought in such as commercial roofing contractors, HVAC, electrician and structural engineers.  The type of inspection reports completed are often summary only style to simplify the reporting process.  The standards of practice and scope of inspection for commercial properties differ from that of that utilized in the inspection of single family residence.  Please call us directly to discuss the details of the property you are interested in having inspected.

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Jeff will give you a fast, thorough home inspection for buyers and sellers. As a bonus the inspections will often reveal features of the home that qualifies for discounts on home owners insurance. He takes the time to look for flaws that may be immediately visible because “caulk and paint, hides what ain’t”.You owe it to yourself to call Jeff for a home inspection if you are buying, selling or interested in reducing your homeowners insurance.
Jerry Hotho
Jeff has provided outstanding service! He was able to complete the inspection within one day of contacting him, even though there were some extenuating circumstances. He did a very thorough job and I would recommend him to anyone!
Paul Wallace
Jeff is awesome and I am glad I chose him. He was the first to respond and is very good. I will be recommending your services and his!
Gil Brody

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